When did you start the artistic journey ??

It was about 10 years ago when my friend noticed my interest about photography. All my free time spent with online photography. I was enchanted about photo-art, and I still do. It was just something for me, i felt it inside…


What is your plans for the future??

I feel sometimes that my country is too small for me, I want to see more, feel more and visit many ohter places, ohter countries. Of course I would like to be a spot, not a small spot on the worlds Art Map.


Name three people that has been your inspiration?

I was very happy when I saw a letter in my mailbox from Denmark, Photographer Rene Asmussen is one of my favorite photographer. Second is one Ukraine´n woman, who´s total name I dont know, her works are in here:
http://500px.com/aleksandra. Ilya Rashap is wonderful. Indeed, three is too few to show what I love.


Tell us about your artwork – What thoughts you have when you work?

It´s all about feeling. I truly believe that the real art comes inside of you. When I take pictures of my customer, I will meditate before that – try to clear my mind of old reelings and thoughts. I have to be cristal clear for the customer. I can´t let anything from my personal life to spoil my work with the other person. I like a deeply personal approach. My most better genre is nude photography. As a very tender and pepole loving person, I love to see to the deep inside a woman. They are just so beautiful, and I am so lucky when they show me their Soul and open theirselves. Most of my nude photography customers are afraid when they walk in to my house. I can see that. The most biggest reward for me is that  when they leave, they are happy, very happy. They smile, they thank and they say: “I feel much more confident than before”.


How often do you make your art?

Every single day, thats for sure.

Did you exhibit your work somewhere?

I have done some exhibitions in here, in Estonia. The last one was last year and it travelled around the country.


What is your biggest dream ?

I would like go to Nepal and Tibet very much. As a buddist person myself, I would like see real budhist monks, real budhist places and take some wonderful photos of them. Afrter that I would like to show an exhibition about this travel. My dream is to be better and better, I am still and always critique about my work and I always feel that I can be a better photographer. That I have to put more inside of me to my art.


Photographer Maris Ojasuu homepage: www.sirabella.ee


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