When did you travel into the artistic world ??

I started with photomanipulation four years ago. Before that I only edited photos. I really did not know so much about photoshop back then. But when I got a member of Deviantart and found all those wonderful artwork, I thought I should try and learn. And I loved it!


What is your plans for the future??

My plans for the future is to get better and better. To make better artwork, and I also like to learn more about painting. It had been wonderful to master painting I think. Lately I also have thought about writing a book about photoshop and how to make artwork in different styles. Its really many things I like to learn and do. But I have to take one thing at the time.


Name 3 people that has been your inspiration?

Actually many people has given me inspiration. Also because I love so many different kind of art, and styles. So its difficult to name only 3. But I can give you the name of the person as almost put me in coma when I found his work. His name is John, and he has been and meant so much to me during those years. When I first join Deviantart, it was his work I saw first. I could stare at it for hours. This person is a wonderful artist, and his art goes right to the heart. To see Johns artwork, visit  http://johndelano.deviantart.com/gallery/

swines photo

Tell us about your artwork – What thoughts you have when you work?

I dont really know what to answer on this. It depends a lots of what I do. I always try my very best when I do something. And new ideas comes up during the time I work with an image. Sometimes my work reflects how I feel at the moment. I can see it myself and I often laugh about it. I like to vary my work. In one period I maby love to create something with children. And then it can come periods when I love to work with animal. Models retousch, dark art, fantasy and so on. I can not do the same all the time because then I loose my imagination. Sometimes I just sit and train hair painting.


How often do you make your art?

I make art as often as I can. Every free time I am sitting working on something. Do this make me so happy and its also very relaxing to me. So every day I do something in my photoshop.


Did you exhibit your work somewhere?

Mostly you will find my work on different websites. But I also have some of my work in a gallery. Its a store people can go and buy framed nice images and hang on the wall.

photomanipulation in photoshop

What is your biggest dream ?

My biggest dream. I dont know if I have any biggest dream. But of course I hope to go on being healthy and happy and go on with my creating. I also want to go further with my artwork. But for the moment I really dont know how. But I surely knows that I never ever will stop creating my artwork. And lose myself in the imaginary world of art.

See more of Photomanipulations and photography at : http://cindysart.weebly.com/