When did you start the artistic journey ??

After running a professional photo studio  www.studiovd.gr  for 15 years, we felt that it was time to present our personal work. Four years ago, we worked separately on an urban based project for several years. The exhibition “City in black and white” (Thessaloniki Greece December 2010) was the result of that project.


What is your plans for the future??

Living in a country in crisis,we are planning a project centered on the affection of crisis to real life. We believe it will resonate in a pan-European public.

foto 1

Name three people that has been your inspiration?

Photographer Dimitris Athiridis, our teacher, is the one who influenced us with his precise technique and individuality on photography. We both admire Andre Kertesz for his simple yet breathtaking view on life. Finnaly, Bernard Plossu’s exploration spirit combined with his”low profile” work, is our guiding light in this long journey to photography.

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Tell us about your artwork – What thoughts you have when you work?

We try to see beneath the surface of matter, discovering hidden virtues.Using light creatively is a major principal to our work. Whether it is landscape or a portrait, the aim is to visualize the initial feeling we had in mind.

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How often do you make your art?

Inspiration is something unpredicted, carrying a camera with you all the time,is a safe way to keep up with it.

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Did you exhibit your work somewhere?

We exhibited twice as “studiovd”at HIONIDIS Gallery ,”City in black and white”, December 2010, Thessaloniki,and PUNTO.ES Gallery, “Land.escapes”, December 2011, Thessaloniki and participated to the following exhibitions:

  • “TAF” Gallery (The art foundation)
  • “Street life”,June 2011, Athens
  • TOSS Gallery, “Thessaloniki in another way”, September 2011, Thessaloniki
  • PUNTO.ES Gallery, “VOGUE’S Fashion night out”, October 2011 Thessaloniki
  • Long Room Gallery, “Off plan”, October 2011, Athens
  • On the Rouf Gallery,”Photo parallels”, October 2011, Athens
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What is your biggest dream ?

Participate in a global project where photographers all over the world will create images of their non native countries to prove that the only borders are in our minds.

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