When did you travel into the artistic world ??

In the late 1980’s I was producing “one off” prints, where I manipulated the negatives in the darkroom. Solarisation and making inter-negs, even cutting them up into pieces and placing them in the enlarger to get a fairly abstract but still figurative print. I then hand-toned the print so everyone was a unique item. In 1990 I sold all of my equipment, gave up my studio and burnt all my negatives and prints.  I was teaching ‘fine art’ at a London University and that not only paid my bills but also was an artistic release for my creativity. I didn’t pick up a camera again until 2004. Wow the world of photography had changed. We had the web, Photoshop and digital cameras. I love it.


What is your plans for the future??

I continue to produce work and get some commercial work to keep my addiction (photography) going. I have been published in quite a few books but am hoping to publish collections that I have put together. I set up the Guild of erotic photographers and will use this as a starting point for future publications.


 Name 3 people that has been your inspiration?

So many artists and photographers have inspired me over the years but if I had to name just 3 then I think: Bill Brandt. Helmut Newton. Bob Carlos-Clarke.


Tell us about your artwork – What thoughts you have when you work?

One of the problems with this age of mass image exposure is that, very few people look at an image for more than 5 seconds. I try by using an implied narrative to get the viewer engaged in the picture. To find the story behind the image. I heard an artist once say “ good art should leave you thinking” I like to believe that people who see my images study the picture to find the meaning.


How often do you make your art?

I shoot in the studio on average twice a week but sometimes up to 4 times a week. The rest of my life is spent turning the photograph into art.

Did you exhibit your work somewhere?

In the old days before the Internet I exhibited in many different art/photography galleries. I was vey successful and sold work all over the world. Today however with everyone owning a camera and calling themselves photographers it is much harder then before.


What is your biggest dream ?

We all have dreams of where want to go and I have many but because of my love of working with dancers I would love to have free range and work for the Royal Ballet here in London.

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