Tell us about your photography?

First, thanks for your interest in my work. Well, as you can see, the most part of my work is not about photo, but about manipulation. I would say it’s all about a dark imagery, throught a heavy process of photo manipulation. Some of my artworks are a bit scary, tortured, obscure and sometimes a bit unhealthy, but the goal is always to transpose an inner vision, and to provoke something in the eyes/mind of the person who watch the image. I strongly believe that there is a dark side in each one of us, I modestly try to reveal this side.

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Why did you get into photography?

All comes from music, I think. In the past, I was strongly involved in the heavy metal scene, I managed a webzine during 6 years and was always (and I’m still) watching at all releases. I have always been fascinated by the cover artworks of albums I really like, and more generally, I have always liked all that is “visual”. So after a long time watching at all those artworks, I tried myself to work on some graphic stuff. The first results, of course, was not very conclusive, but was beyond my expectations, I had some great feedback, so I continued to work, again, and again, and again, and now I think I have made some serious improvement. But this is a passion over all.


Who is your inspiration?

As I said, it was first the album covers of bands I really like. But now I have a lot of inspiration, going from digital artists to photographers and more. Making a list of them would be hard, they are a lot, really…

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Name 3 people that have inspired you to do amazing photography?

Mhh, you really want some names? Ok, so… I would say the mighty Travis Smith, which is a kind of “godfather” of illustration for me, I could say Marcela Bolivar who have such talent for making incredible stuffs… In a more photographic way, I’m fascinated by the work of Brooke Shaden, who also have an amazing talent for mixing photography and digital process. But you know, focusing on 3 artists is not really revelant, I’m inspired by a tons of artists at the same time, each ones have their own quality.

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What is the story and thoughts behind your work?

Not sure there is a fascinating story behind each of my image, but there is always a long time of work, thinking, contemplating in which way I could go. Most of the time, the idea I had at the beginning is not at all the thing I have at the end and I consider this is a good thing. I constantly adapt all that is adaptable, and reconsider what is reconsiderable, I strongly believe in the accidental way of creation. It’s sometimes problematic because I’m really perfectionnist, so it can take a lot of times before I’m satisfied (in reality : never, ahah).

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Are you professional photographer?

Today, I would say I’m at an intermediate step, I’m still a young artist. I always have commissions, letting less time for personal images, but I hope that one day I will be at full time, things have never stop to grow in the positive way. I just hope it will continue.

What are your future plans for your photography?

Improving myself is my constant objective. I think I still have a lot of progress to do, to master all ideas I have, and put them graphically as I would like. This is a never ending quest…

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Can you give other photographers any advice?

Not sure if I’m a good teacher, but if I had some advices to give, it would be to always perseverate, work again and again, and always reconsider your own work, always go beyond, never auto satisfy yourself, always look at what you’ve done in a different angle, I think this is a key. Also, in each creation, I think the most important thing is the work on the light, almost every times. A good light can turn a basic image into a marvellous vision if you find the right angle.  My latest advice would be to keep your personality, this is, I think, primordial…

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