When did you travel into the artistic world ??

– I first got into photography through a friend of my mother, who took photos of landscapes mostly, and he gave me my first camera, a pathetic little point and shoot camera, but it got me interested in the world around me. It wasn’t until I went to university and met more like minded people that I took photography seriously. A close friend began to teach me about photography, how to use a professional camera, and even helped me to buy my first camera. She was a teacher to me and because of her that I am where I am today. I’ve been photographing everything ever since.

What is your plans for the future??

– I’m hoping to branch out more into glamour photography, using models and beautiful landscapes. I did briefly try using a model for the first time early last year, which was nerve-wracking having to order around someone who had been doing this far longer than I had! It did teach me alot though, so I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for me. I’m also looking into buying some studio time so its only a matter of time now!


Name 3 people that has been your inspiration?

  • Annie Leibovitz had always been my first inspiration, I was very aware of her artwork  even from an early age, and in my early days I did try to imitate her, though the results were never as glamorous as her own.
  • Chris Weeks also is a photographer I look up to. His street photography as well as his editorial photos have always inspired me to try new things as well as to act on my instincts when it comes to street photography. His artworks has always looked so effortless, and I try to use that effect in my own work.
  • Zhang Jingna is another photographer who I would love to meet, her portfolio has always blown me away and I hope that one day my artwork will be as beautiful and meaningful as hers.

Tell us about your artwork – What thoughts you have when you work?

– My own artwork splashes into all areas, I’ve tried pieces of every kind of photography. I started by photographing everything around me that looked beautiful or interesting, and some people wouldn’t call it art, I think it depends on how you consider the artwork. I moved into photographing Animals and Nature, but when I moved to University, I found a penchant for street photography that I hope to further develop one day. Some photographers have a certain style to their work, but I find to mine there is none, I just take photos of whatever appeals to me.

How often do you make your art?

– Last month I successfully finished a ‘Photo a Day’ challenge that a friend and I set ourselves. We’d take a photo every day for one year, which was demanding, but very fulfilling, and exhausting too! Since the challenge finished, I’ve been taking a little break so I can refresh myself and write down some more ideas for photos I’d like to take. I roughly take around 10 or photos a week, but it depends on whether I’ve planned a photo shoot or have just gone out into Manchester where I live to see what there is.

Did you exhibit your work somewhere?

– I reserve my photos for one site only, which would be DeviantART. I am very faithful to that website, I’ve been on that website now for about nearly 10 years, and I’ve always recieved very positive feedback on my artwork through there, as well as people who have helped and encouraged me with my photography.

What is your biggest dream ?

– My biggest dreams would be to go to America and just travel around it in a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala, my dream car, and just take photos and meet new people. I’m hoping to do an tour of England during the summer holidays, and after I graduate, I want to a tour of Europe. I’d love to just pick up my things and go, just take photos of whatever catches my eyes, hang around in some city or a few days and do whatever I like!
Thank you so for this opportunity. Hope we speak again soon.
Best Regards,
Charlotte E. Watts