When did you travel into the artistic world ??

– I was introduced to the art world at a young age. My father, who has a background in art, wood carving (sculpture) and pencil drawing, tried to teach me drawing and painting (traditional), though somehow growing up, learning to use a computer and messing around with image editing software somehow led to pick up digital art. As a hobby at first.

photographer Andreea Cernestean

What is your plans for the future??

– There’s a lot I’d like to accomplish in the future. Do some more cover art for musicians or authors, headline an exhibit, learn more about 3D art, pick up photography and maybe set up a studio. To most it may sound like I dream big, but I know I’ll get there someday just by taking it all one step at a time.


Name 3 people that has been your inspiration?

– It’s hard to name just a few people, but if I have to select only 3, I would say Karol Bak for having such a unique style that is his signature, Katarina Sokolova for the amazing fantasy art she does and Michael Oswald for being a kind of jack-of-all-trades, since he can juggle styles and themes so effortlessly.


Tell us about your artwork – What thoughts you have when you work?

– That’s an interesting question, one I’ve never been asked before so kind of caught me off guard. I don’t really think of anything in particular. I sort of just phase out and focus 100% on the piece I’m working on at the time. It’s funny because even doing so, I start with an idea then just work around it, change little things here and there that sometimes it ends up looking entirely different from what it was supposed to originally.

How often do you make your art?

– Not as often as I would like. I’m working in Photoshop every day, but since I made it my full time job, it’s more work for clients than it is personal one nowadays.


Did you exhibit your work somewhere?

– I haven’t yet had the opportunity to have an exhibit, but then again I haven’t really been in touch with art galleries and I don’t have an agent to represent me. But it’s definitely something I would like to do.


What is your biggest dream ?

– That’s a question I get asked often and always reply in the same manner. I try to keep it on the realistic side (it helps to avoid disappointment too), so for now all I want is to keep improving and work on getting my name out there.

Kind regards,
Andreea Cernestean

Homepage: www.frozenstarro.net


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