When did you travel Into the artistic world?

My mother is an art painter and I remember my childhood with her sitting on the table, painting together with oil on canvas. While other kids of my age drawing Donald Duck I painted the works of Don Lawrence (Trigan, Storm). You can actually say that I was born in the artistic world:).


What is your plans for the future?

My plans for the near future is to expand my portfolio. Improve its quality. After almost one year being busy with photography, I notice that many of my previous work no longer meet the increasing demands that I set yourself. I do need to have an extensive portfolio, but one of quality. If my portfolio is good enough in my eyes to show it to possible clients I hope to make money with advertising photography, in addition to the work I already do as a graphic and web designer.


Name 3 People That Has Been your inspiration?

As I already described in the first question, my mother. My son. Thanks to him I remember also a lot of my own childhood. The things you thought then, that you liked and what you feared. I use this as inspiration for my pictures. American advertising photographers such as David Hill, David Stuart, Jim Fiscus and Eric Almas.

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Tell us about your artwork – What thoughts have you When you work?

When I work, I’m usually busy in my head with the technical part. The light set up and perspectives. That sort of things. Thinking about the image and the composition happens in the preliminary stages. I’m not only want my photo’s to be aesthetic, but also I want them to create a smile or a tear on the face of the viewer. This part, the part where I create the image in my mind and the search for appropriate models and locations takes the longest. This may be my last a month or more. Taking the photos and post processing and are often done in a day.

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How Often do you make your art?

When i just started almost every day. At that time you have to experiment with all possibilities. In recent months less frequent. I think I now one photo per month. I would like make more photos, but with my own agency there is not enough time at the moment.


Did you exhibit your work somewhere?

Not yet and I have no intentions yet to do so. For me, the Internet is enough to show my work.

7. What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream to live without worries 😉 but for photography it is to work with a team of professionals, plenty of space and a budget to be able to create the images that I have in my mind.



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