When did you travel into the artistic world ??

Since my youth, I have always had an interest in and a passion for photography but I only decided to actively involve myself /get involved about three years ago.
fotograf rolland flinta

What are your plans for the future??

I plan to further and deepen my photography skills and to acquire more knowledge about the art of photography / the art of taking pictures. There is so much I am keen to explore and discover. For me, photography really is a journey, a journey of continued learning and experimentation. What motivates and occupies me is a quest for perfection.

Name 3 people that have been your inspiration?

I was definitely inspired by Richard Avedon exceptionally, by Sally Mann and Herb Ritts. But there are several famous photographers who inspire me again and again.

Tell us about your artwork – What thoughts do you have when you work?

Whenever I take pictures there are thousands of thoughts that race through my head. It feels like I am escaping reality and immersing myself in a different world. I generally try to capture the best of each model and to seize the most beautiful moment. By doing so, I very often create images instinctively and spontaneously. Whilst still taking one shot, I am able to visualise the next image in my head. In German we call this “Kopfkino” – cerebral cinema; the power of having a vivid film in one’s head. I am fascinated by the interplay between light and shadows and the sheer variety and magnitude of resulting constellations. I enjoy photography in daylight as I prefer taking images without flash.

Did you exhibit your work somewhere?

Well, I did have requests for several exhibitions but due to the lack of time I unfortunately had to decline all these offers because the locations were too far away. Up to now I was very happy to be published in various papers, magazines and on the internet.

What is your biggest dream ?

With reference to my work, I am dreaming of publishing a photo book with my pictures.