When did you travel into the artistic world ?

The crucial year was the year 2006 for me. I won’t  impress you with the story about my grand father and his old  camera. I was never interested in cameras or photography at all. I started to love photography by mistake and I must learned, how to swim in this photo-ocean and still learning. I’m not big fish , but maybe one day I will be.


What is your plans for future ?

I had a very hectic last year, so from now on I would like to enjoy my life as much as I can. I want to spend a time with my family, travel a lot, to taste a different things and most of all capture it with my camera, as I do it all the time. My favorite word is “feel” which means exactly what I want to do and not only in the photography. Life is too short, lets enjoy our selfs as much as we could. I’ve planned some photo- projects year ago and I have a feeling this is the right time to perform the action and to realize what I’ve already planned. I am looking forward already, can’t wait, be honest.


Name 3 people that has been your inspiration ?

Aaron Nace, Rosie Hardy and the third one I don’t have, because a lot of people not only artist or photographers are big inspiration for me. Aaron and Rosie had an influence on me, their performance  typifies my work. Thanks to their influence on me I can express myself through photography. I can easily spread my feelings and emotions. I’m so impressed by both of them, they are so talented  and creative.


Tell us about your artwork-What thoughts you have when you work ?

The photography is the filter, which helps me to sort my emotions. It means, anytime when I am happy or sad, depressed or even in love, all I can express through my photography. Sometimes it can be a confusion or it could have a different meaning, anyway whatever you see it has to have an impact on you, you have to at least feel something.


How often do you make your art ?

It all depends on my free time, inspiration, sometimes even how I feel.  I take photos every single day. I try to capture moment which I currently like and you never know, what it will by from this picture in the future. You can get inspired any time, any day and any hour. The most important thing is to have your eyes wide open, to have your battery set fully charged and the most important thing is to feel and to have your camera with you at any time. Let’s face the truth, what really is an art? That’s the right question.


Did you exhibit your work somewhere ?

No, unfortunately not, I never had an exhibition. I am not sure what I could show around the world with my photos. It is not enough for me, I must do more in photography. It is very popular at the moment to have an exhibition and it is not hard to make one . The question is how many people would appreciate my art, how many of them would even like to hang my photos on their walls. This is not that popular as we think, and especially here, in Slovakia.


What is your biggest dream ?

I want to be happy with myself and to feel, to feel as much as I can. This is the key to the future. Lets challenge the future.