Are you professional photographer?

No, in fact my main occupation is advisor/consultant in machine design. I am an Agricultural Engineer, formed in University of Campinas – UNICAMP, but I really love CG graphics and photomanipulation!


Tell us about your photography?

I always try to tell a story through my images, but not necessarily “my stories” or feelings, just my visions. I say it because recently I had to reply a worried viewer message about the “sadness” present in my artworks… She would like to know if I am a sad man, if I needed help!  Fortunately, I am a happy man that loves my family and life!


Why did you get into photography?

Since my childhood  I love photo, painting and drawing, but I had no talent and skills to perform it.  Someday in the past (15 years ago?), a friend gifts me the Bryce 4 pack, a cool 3D rendering and modeling software…. Then I noticed that with CG I could put my visions on screen… Many of my images I rendered  with Bryce, Vue, Terragen and Mojoworld  softwares. My last option however, is Photoshop CS5, because I have no much time and patience (mainly time) to wait long renders.


Who is your inspiration?

My main inspiration comes from finding and looking of  the stocks images I get on the net… and with the music, or song title I was hearing at the moment I am working. Generally, my title images coming from songs! I cannot work without music (I like all genres, classical to rock).



Name 3 people that have inspired you to do amazing photography?

I could name a very extensive list of inspiring authors… in photograhy, Ansel Adams.  But I will mention some artists that I love: Bierstadt, Caravaggio, Vermeer, Dali & Portinari (Brasilian) in painting and Manara, Frazetta, Parrish, Vallejo & Juarez Machado (Brasilian) in illustration.


What is the story and thoughts behind your work?

Like I said before, it is not necessarily my stories and thoughts I put in my images, just my visions. To call my attention, an artwork must contain colors, lighting and composition in harmony. Behind my artwork is the passion for CG, a good and fascinating hobby for me… it helps to ease my mind and soul.


Kunst fotograf

What are your future plans for your photography?

I hope to enhance my skills in CG because I am an eternal apprentice and “autodidata” (self-taught person).  My dream is make money with my artworks after my retirement… Who Knows?